Instagram Stories help people grow their small businesses every single day. If you’re not using them then you could be missing out on a lot of potential customers. However, simply posting a picture to your Instagram story reel isn’t going to get you any new eyeballs either.

That’s why I’ve put together three super simple tips that you can start using today, to get more views on those stories.

Add a Location Tag

This one is definitely a must for local businesses. Let’s say you only service your local city and surrounded towns and villages. A plumber or carpet fitter for example. Or perhaps you’re a service provider that’s just finished a job. And you’re sharing a before and after of the project.

Simply add the tag of where you are!

Instagram Stories Location Tagging - Lorna Scully Digital Marketing

But, I’m not a local business, I’ll work with anyone from around the world Lorna” I hear you say…

That’s cool too. In fact, that may even work out better for you. Why? Because you can tag anywhere you want to tag. If you live on the northern coast of Scotland but you’re planning on running and hosting an event in the centre of London, tag London.

You don’t have to tag exactly where you are.

But, make sure it’s relevant. For example, over on my personal blogs Instagram, I uploaded many of my pictures from when I visited Porto in Portugal, once I was home. But it would never make sense for me to tag Cambridge. So I tagged Porto. That way, people searching for places to go in Porto or even locals, were likely to see my content.

Instagram Stories Location Tagging Search - Lorna Scully Digital

Top Tip: Use the search function to check that people are using that location before you tag it. You may want to use a local tag that covers more area and that is more active. Why? Because if you’re in a village that has a population of 20 people and you tag that, and no one uses it, no one will see it.

Example: A local nail bar based in the village of Stilton in Cambridgeshire, may not receive as many views if they only used Stilton. They could use multiple locations or simply chose a wider area and more used location tag such as Peterborough, as this is still relatively close and it’s still relevant to those who would be viewing that location. (It’s not too far away.)

You don't always have to tag your exact location on Instagram

Use Hashtags

Yes, you can use hashtags in Instagram Stories too!

And there’s a couple of ways to do so. You can use the sticker provided in the sticker tab (top right-hand corner) or you can simply use the text type feature and type out your hashtags.

Just like using hashtags on the posts on your feed, be sure to do your research and use those that are relevant.

Instagram Stories Using Hashtags

Why should you use hashtags and where will they appear?

So when people search by hashtags, on the discover page there is now a feed of all the Instagram Stories that feature that tag.

PLUS, they don’t have to ruin your picture. Simply pinch the sticker or text to decrease the size so much so that you can’t see it on top of your image. Yes, this still counts! Alternatively, you could simply pop a sticker or GIF over the top of it, if that fits with your branding and story etc.

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Tag People in your Instagram Stories

I think it goes without saying, do not tag any old Tom, Dick or Harry – Don’t be that person! But, if it’s relevant then tag away.

If you’ve read someone’s book for example and taken a nice photo, be sure to tag them. You never know, they may like it and want to share it with their audience. Woohoo – even more views!

Perhaps you read an article about something within your industry and you want to share it and you think others may be interested in it too. Or you could try and start a conversation with them by asking what their opinion is on the article.

Instagram Stories - Tagging Other People

So there you have it, 3 quick and simple ways that you can start to use to increase the views on your Instagram Stories!

Let me know if you use any of these and how they work out for you. Don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram (@lornascullyuk) and catch my Stories as I share little snippets of wisdom on a daily basis!

As always, any questions or if you would like help on how this could work personally, for your small business, get in touch.