I’ve seen a lot of negativity around Instagram recently, what with people hating on the algorithm and such. So, I’ve started sharing some of my tips to Boost Your Instagram Bio over on my Insta account and I thought I’d share them more in depth right here!

Recently over in the Facebook Group – Digital Marketing Chinwag I offered all the members a quick Instagram Audit, absolutely free of charge. And one thing that kept appearing as I scrolled through the 10 or so members who volunteered, was the lack of a bio OR a bio that was just not appealing to anyone! Remember, our target is not EVERYONE!

So, I wanted to put together this post with 3 quick things you can do right now to optimise your Insta profile.

Let’s start with what your Instagram bio should do;

  • Get across who you are, what you do & who you serve
  • Describe what people are likely to see from you if they decide to follow you
  • Tell visitors what to do next aka. a CALL-TO-ACTION!

I get it, it’s hard… you have a limit of 150 characters to get your message across, so it’s time to get creative!

So here’s my 3 tips to Boost your Instagram Bio


01 //  It’s not about you, it’s all about them

This is so important. You’re trying to attract your ideal customer so you have to make them want to follow you because you care about them. How do you do that? By communicating what pain point they have (here’s where you have to really know a lot about them) and how you solve it. Give them the reason WHY you’re the person to fix the problem that they have by clearly stating who you are and who you help.


02 // Tag your related accounts & branded hashtags

Aka. If your business has to different arms to it, with separate accounts, then take them in each others bios to make that link. Also, if you’ve created a branded hashtag that you encourage your customers to use, make sure you add it here to remind them to use it! 


03 // Add a call-to-action 

Spend some time thinking about what you would like people to do next and point them in that direction – to your one and only link on Instagram. You’re not just posting for the fun of it on Instagram are you?! I should hope not if you’ve got a business to run anyway! 


Is your Insta bio optimised? I’ll be covering all of this and SO much more during my SOS – Selling on Social Workshop – Instagram edition in March.