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Overall rating: 9/10 – Would recommend

Introduction to Superfans: The Easy Way to Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, and Build a Successful Business

Pat Flynn, the author of Superfans is a podcaster, author, and founder of several successful websites, including He has been featured in Forbes and in The New York Times for his work. 

The book aims to help small business owners, entrepreneurs and brand owners create a dedicated tribe of ‘Superfans’ – a highly engaged group of people who are invested in you and your brand will therefore go out of their way to buy and use everything that you create. Think, the Superfans of Kylie Jenner or Michael Jordan or JLo. It’s easy to assume that this ‘Superfan’ stuff is just for celebrities. But, actually a lot of this book reminded me of a couple of customers we had at one of the tv shopping channels I worked at.

There was one lady in particular that would comment on every single social media post. Would be the first person to defend a presenter or guest if there was any negative comments about them. She’d come into the office with gifts of things she’d made. And when the company opened for crowdfunding, she was one of the first to buy in. 

She was a true Superfan! 

In this book Pat uses this 4 step pyramid to display his method of taking someone from being ‘casual’ to a ‘superfan’. 

Superfans by Pat Flynn Book Review by Lorna Scully

From my point of view I think it’s relatively logical and easy to read and follow. You can sense there is an underlying, consistent mention of remembering that as business owners, sometimes more than we should, we get caught up in the data. The number of likes, the number of email subscribers, how many did your ad reach etc.

However, what Pat does in this book is encourage you to think past that and remind you that those numbers are in fact people. And actually, if you connect with them in the right way, they could just become your Superfans. 

“Followers may “like” an Instagram post. Customers may buy a product. But “Superfans” will be your biggest supporters. They will promote you and your products because they know you have made a difference in their lives. They will tell their friends. They will send you encouraging emails.” (taken from Amazon)

Favourite things about Superfans

I can’t really remember where or who recommended this book but I’m quite glad I took the time to read it. It took me probably 3 or 4 hours (I’m a bit of a slow reader). 

I really liked the layout and logical steps that Pat takes to explain his method. It makes sense and giving examples of personal stories and the results they achieved definitely makes this book easier to read. 

You don’t need to change the entire world to build a successful business; you just need to change someone’s world.

Key Takeaways

  1. Pat takes you through his 4 step method from turning someone in to a casual consumer to a superfan. He does this by drawing on his own stories and walking you, the reader through real life scenarios.
  2. He gives an exercise to complete at the end of every chapter. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE this. This is pretty much how I like to work. Why sit and absorb information if you’re not going to do anything with it. It’s all about the action.
  3. Flynn ends the book by giving you a link to a bonus course with complementary worksheets and tools.

Final Thoughts on Superfans by Pat Flynn

Would I recommend this book? Yeah, I think I would. If you’re looking to build your business, especially if it is not a personal brand, although I feel like there are definitely great examples of this, the Gary Vaynerchuk’s & Steve Bartlett’s of the world. The reason I say this is because they have built their superfans from their stories, from doing the work, using experiences from Vaynermedia & Social Chain. I think it would be easier to apply his logic and method to a company operating with a team. A story. A brand. Think memberships etc. 

Fancy getting the book for yourself? You can buy Superfans by Pat Flynn on Amazon today!