As the new year is fast approaching (thank goodness for that – see ya 2020!) I thought I’d put together some thought provoking, journal prompts for small business owners. We’ve been hit hard this year. 2020 has been a year!

Journalling can sometimes feel a bit forced. A bit ‘woo-woo’. But I’ve personally put a lot of effort in to it this year, and I’m 100% sure it’s helped me a lot. Journalling prompts are only meant to help you get thinking.

I’ll admit, I found it really hard at first to right down my feelings. It’s one of those things that we think we’ll be judged for don’t we? But you have to remember, you don’t have to share these with anyone. But like I said during my conversation with Holly Bray on the Digital Discussions: Unfiltered Podcast, you will be so shocked with what you get from it! Sometimes, just getting things out of your head and on to paper makes it SO much clearer.

So, let’s go. Grab your notebook and your best pen and use these journal prompts for small business owners to just let your thoughts flow. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but just stick with it. If you can find a quiet, undisturbed place, that’s great too (I know it’s not always possible!)


Journal Prompt #1

What did I learn this year?

Think of the stuff that didn’t quite go to plan. I’m a firm believer that even if you think you fluffed something up or it didn’t go quite as you’d planned, there was a lesson there. Write about how you felt when it didn’t go quite right. A great place to start is writing down what went well and what didn’t go quite so right for your business this year. 


Journal Prompt #2

What did I love this year?

It’s so much easier to think about all of the stuff that went wrong. But try and think about the things that went right. What were the favourite things you did in business this year? Give yourself a pat on the back! What did you do that you thought ‘YES, I did that!’ 


Journal Prompt #3

What are my intentions for 2021?

Let’s fast forward 365 days… how do you feel? What do you want to have accomplished? Who do you have around you for support? Have you invested in yourself this year? Moved in to an office? Employed someone? And then think about the reasons why for all of these things. Why do you want these things? If you don’t know why you want something, it’s highly likely that you’ll give up on them – here’s lookin’ at you New Years resolutions.


Journal Prompt #4

How do I want to make people feel when they interact with me and my business?

We’re all human at the end of the day and very emotion beings. What kind of impression do you want to leave on potential customers, new customers, when they read a product page or receive an email. 


Journal Prompt #5

What does success mean to you?

If you achieved success in 2021, what would that look like for you? How would you act? Where would you spend your time? Who would be around you? Try to be as clear as possible. When you have a clear image, you’re able to create it IRL. 


Journal Prompt #6

What tasks do you do every day?

Write a list of all the tasks you do in your business. Once you’ve done that, now write right ones you love and which you loathe. Could you potentially start to delegate some of those tasks? 


Journal Prompt #7

How will you celebrate?

One thing, all of us rarely do is celebrate our wins. So write a list, try to find at least 12 (one per month, let’s be honest, you have more wins than that anyway!) That you could tick off when you have a win – psst… small wins totally count! 


There you have it, 7 journal prompts for small business owners to get you thinking about the year you’ve just had.

If you fancy being nosey at my review of the year – watch this space for a brand new podcast episode dropping on Wednesday 30th December. Did you use these prompts? Let me know how you got on over on Instagram.


7 journal prompts to review your year & plan for 2021

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