As the big C word is fast approaching, it’s the season for gift guides, BUT how often do you see Christmas Gift ideas for small business owners? I think it can take a certain kind of person to decide to go at it alone and work for themselves. So here’s just a few ideas for you if you have any loved ones, friends or family members that are working for themselves.

Contents of the Christmas Gift ideas for small business owners


    1. Self Care Ideas
    2. Personal Presents
    3. A helping hand at work
    4. Colour & artwork
    5. A tipple for the end of the week
    6. A few other ideas


Self Care Christmas Gift Ideas

When you own a small business, sometimes it can feel quite hard to switch off and remember to look after yourself. Christmas makes the perfect excuse for loved ones to remind the small businesses owners in their circle to take 5 when they need to. Ideas include, face masks, candles, oil diffusers, bathing products, moisturisers etc. Here are just a few of my small business favourites:


Grateful Grapefruit Self Care Christmas Gift Idea

#1 Grateful Grapefruit

Who doesn’t love a good bath bomb? For some it’s the ultimate way to switch off after a long week, maybe even day!

Grateful Grapefruit bring to you a range of fresh, fruity bath bombs and bubble bars! And if you don’t have a bath or you’re just a fan of a shower instead, they have a whole host of funky soaps, bathroom accessories and more!

Check out Sophies small brand Grateful Grapefruit on Instagram @gratefulgrapefruitshop and make sure you buy yourself and your small business owner friend some goodies from her website.




The biologist lip scrub christmas self care gift

#2 The Biologist

A range of lip balms & sugar lip polishes is the ultimate self care gift during winter months. All created by Peterborough local beautician (so she kinda knows what she’s talking about) Sophia Oxbury, this lip balm is to die for!

Their high performing formula is infused with cocoa butter, avocado butter & coconut oil to provide deep hydration, which helps to soften & prevent chapped lips.

Check out The Biologist website and don’t forget to give them a follow on Instagram @thebiologist_




The Wild Botanist Candle Christmas Gift Idea

#3 The Wild Botanist

Bringing a sense of calm in to a home office can sometimes be absolutely necessary. But, a great scented candle is a must for switching off and marking the end of the working day.

The Wild Botanist provide beautiful smelling candles, wax melts and accessories. Why not ramp it up a little and give the gift of a candle subscription box?

Check them out on Instagram @the.wild.botanist




A little something for them, you know, personally.

My round up of Christmas Gift ideas for small business owners couldn’t not include some personal items. They may not seem like it’s relevant to business owners per se, but trust me when I say when you start a business, sometimes treating yourself gets lost so far down the list that it just never happens. Not only are they busy, starting and running a business on your own can have financial implications where paying the bills and putting food on the table, just has to come above buy that new necklace or set of pyjamas.


Hair Scrunchie Christmas Gift Idea from Beautie

#1 Beau Tie Scrunchies

Not only has the fabulous owner, Emma, been able to create a community which can only be described as a scrunchie cult, she makes the best hair scrunchies, amongst other things, around!

Head to the Beau Tie UK Etsy Shop for colourful, sustainable hair scrunchies, ties, bow ties, pocket squares and she even has a doggy range too!

Make sure you come and join the cult by giving Emma a follow on Instagram @Beautieuk_




Eva Fay Design Handmade Clay Earrings Christmas Gift Idea

#2 Eva Fay Design Clay Earrings

Give the gift of feeling all done up with some beautiful handmade clay earrings. Handmade by the lovely Christina in London, these earrings will definitely score you some brownie points on Christmas morning.

Jewellery or something personal can be one of the best Christmas Gift Ideas For Small Business Owners as it’s common that we sometimes forget to buy ourselves or treat ourselves to nice things. Especially in the early days of starting a business.

Give them a follow on Instagram @evafaydesign and be sure to check out the Eva Fay Etsy Shop!



Macrame Craft Kit Christmas Gift Idea For Small Business Owners


#3 Macrame Craft Kit from I Do Handmade

Taking time, to fully and consciously switch off is so important when you run a small business.

That’s why the craft kits from I Do Handmade are perfect. They make you switch off your phone, shut Instagram for longer than 10 minutes and get creative.

Check out all of their wonderful, thoughtful craft kits on the I Do Handmade Website & give the Mum & Daughter a duo a follow on Instagram @idohandmadeuk




Want to help get their work life organised?

I don’t think I could’ve put together a list of Christmas Gift ideas for small business owners without including some stationery and tools to help with the running of a business!


My Social Media Planner Gift Idea for small business owners

#1 My Social Media Planner

Social media marketing is pretty critical for promoting your business in 2020 and beyond, and I don’t think it’s going anywhere any time soon.

However, for some small business owners, keeping up to date with trends and planning their content can feel like one big headache. That’s why social media pro, Lucy Hall created My Social Media Planner.

Head over to their Instagram @mysocialmediaplanned and grab yourself and your business owner friends on on the My Social Media Planner Website.




The Inspired Stories Diary - Christmad Gift Ideas For Small Business Owners#2 The Inspired Stories Diary

Need something to keep all your thoughts, feelings and keep your life in check? I would highly recommend a diary from The Inspired Stories, I’ve personally used them for the last two years and will no doubt be buying one for 2021.

From page-per-day diaries to journals, notebooks and all the accessories you need, they’ve got you covered. I love them because the ladies that created them Baiba, Zané & Kat have incorporated so much in to them. By adding daily habit trackers, monthly review and goal planning sections, it really keeps me on track.

Fancy getting yourself one? They can add personalisation too! Head to their website to discover their range and make sure you give them a follow on Instagram


Sighh by Polly Stationery Gift Idea

#3 Sighh by Polly Desk Planner

An online to do list is great and everything, but sometimes we need to have things written down in front of us and out of a busy brains for us to actually get stuff done!

The founder of Sighh, Polly, is the creative behind the full wonderful range of products including Macbook skins, keyrings, mountras, phones cases, tote bags and so much more! There really is something for everyone – especially the busy business owners.

Make sure you check out Polly’s wide range of products and get your small business owner pals organised by visiting the Sighh website and following them on Instagram



Add some Colour and Art to their workspace

Working from home can be really hard for many of us. That’s why it could be a nice touch to add some colour, maybe even with some positive quotes your loved ones can look at when they need to most.


Ohverlee Office Print Christmas Gift Guide

#1 Ohverlee

From inspirational quote prints and wall hangings to fancy stickers and clothing; Ruthie the “self-confessed magpie” creates to “pretty up your surroundings”.

A fellow Cambridgeshire based gal who inspires hundreds of thousands (uhuh!) on Instagram (@ohverlee) on the daily, is often #regrammed by the big names. Ruthie creates her magic accompanied by her labrador pup, Marnie, in he home studio.

Discover the Ohverlee website and shop today!




Darwin and Gray Christmas Gift Ideas for Small Business Owners

#2 Darwin and Gray

I cannot even begin to tell you how long I have loved Stacey’s work from Darwin & Gray. If you are (or whoever you’re buying gifts for) is a fan of cheeky slogans and fancy calligraphy then you’ll no doubt fall in love with everything they make.

From mugs and teapots to embroidery patches and banners she literally creates something for everyone. I personally have a mini banner with the saying ‘Don’t be a dick’ on it, you know, just as a reminder!

Find all the handmade goodness on the Darwin & Gray website, and don’t forget to give Stacey and her beautiful pooch a follow on Instagram @darwinandgray



Kind of Simple Designs Christmas Gift Idea for Small Business Owners

#3 Kind of Simple Designs

Emily, yet another fabulous local lady creates eye-catching prints that I just personally LOVE! Not only does she make wall prints, but greetings cards too. And I think you’ll agree with my that they’ll sure brighten up any office space!

From catchy sayings such as ‘Home sweet, home office’ to ‘I’m fine’ there really is something for everyone within her range of graphically designed artwork.

Check out her Instagram @kindofsimpledesigns and the Kind Of Simply Designs Etsy shop!




A tipple they can enjoy at the end of the week (or a hectic day)

Being a small business owner can be quite the challenge. Some weeks will feel like more of an emotional rollercoaster than others, and many will want to unwind at the end of the week with a cheeky tipple (or two!) So keeping it in the small business family, here’s a few British brands that you could add to your shopping list.


Shelleys Drinks Christmas Gift Ideas for small business owners

#1 Shelleys Drinks

Fancy trying or gifting should I say some weird and wonderful flavoured tipples?

Shelleys Drinks create uniquely flavoured spirit drinks with a splash of fun! Including flavoured Rum including Banana Rum and Rhubarb Rum and even Peanut Butter Rum to a whole host of weird and wonderfully flavoured Gins (including Manchester Tart, Raspberry Ripple and even Mulled Gin) – Shelleys Drinks have got it all!

Grab yourself and a friend a bottle (or two!) on the Shelleys Drinks Website and for some drink inspiration give them a follow on Instagram @shelleysdrinks




Crabby Small Batch Rum. Christmas Gift Idea

#2 Crabbys Rum

Buying for a rum drinker? Look no further than Crabbys Rum. Distilled in the heart of London the Taxi Spirit Co. (Crabbys parent brand) create white rum, spiced rum and even a gin! And don’t forget to add their favourite mixer to the pressie too – no one likes a present they can’t enjoy right away!

Get all the drinks inspo and behind the scenes of running a distillery on their Instagram @crabbysrum and grab yourself a bottle via their website.





Partner in wine christmas gift idea for small business owners

#3 Partner In Wine

If you’re more of a win drinker, then you (or your gift receiver) will need this new accessory in their life. Yep, Lucy has created the fabulous Partner In Wine collection of wine bottles and tumblers, that will keep your wine cool when you’re on the go.

Born from a frustration of bottles covered in condensation or a luke warm bottle of rosé before getting from her house to her friends, the Partner In Wine bottles hold an entire bottle of your favourite wine, keeping it cool for up to 24 hours.

Get your hands on one of the 4 colours on the Partner In Wine Website and why not consider getting it personalised for your small business owner friend?



Other Christmas Gift Ideas for small business owners

I think this list has been pretty extensive but some other ideas I received from my small biz pals included;

  • Thoughtful subscription boxes like Koti Boxes.
  • How about some greenery for their office space, it does wonders for the mind! @prickldn are a favourite of mine. Or alternatively, how about the gift of some Pampas Grass from @pampasandbloom.
  • An Audible subscription – we love to learn, and we kind of have to! But not everyone loves picking up a book. OR, if your recipient does love picking up a book, why not consider a local bookshop voucher, or a specific self-development or business book. Here’s some of the books I’ve read and loved.
  • Service Swap – If you’re a fellow small business owner, maybe think how you can help their business and they can help yours. We’re all in this together remember!

There you have a it, the ultimate Christmas Gift Ideas for small business owners, from small businesses!

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