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Monday 28th June – Friday 2nd July

Want proof that email marketing can and will work for your business? Join me for this five-day challenge that will give you the tools to move in the right direction & start making money from your subscribers.

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You keep seeing everyone online telling you that you must have an email list. That why you started one, right?

But now what?

If you're not currently utilising email marketing to bring consistent sales into your business, you could be seriously missing out. Did you know, email marketing ROI is now £35.41:£1. That means for every £1 you spend on it, you should be getting £35.41 in revenue back! Tell me another channel that does that? It's certainly not Facebook or Instagram!

This is for you if you:

  • sell something - products or services
  • are using an email market service provider such as, but not limited to, Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Flodesk, Klaviyo
  • have some subscribers and intend on growing your list
  • need some ideas of what to send your subscribers
  • would like to see some growth or changes to how email can impact your business

The Email Challenge is not for you if you:

  • think 5 prompts across a week that cost you £25 will save your business and make you £millions!
  • don't have an email list of any kind
  • are not willing to do the work and actually action the prompts - no one is going to do it for you! If you don't want to actually do them, don't waste your money, please!

And the 3 most common hold-ups (or excuses) most small businesses come to me about email marketing are:

  1. Don't have the time to send emails (but you spend hours a day on Instagram)
  2. You don't know where to start because it feels a little confusing
  3. Don't know what to send

If ANY of these sounds like you, this challenge is for you!

After this 5 day challenge you will have:

  • more engaged list of people who actually want to hear from you
  • a plan for at least the next 4 email campaigns you're going to send
  • a virtual kick up the bum to promote your list to drive more subscribers
  • clarity on how you can segment your list based on your business to drive more sales

If you would like to:

  • grow an email list of potential customers that you'll be in full control over and you'll never wake up one day and they're gone (like some social media channels)
  • make money while you're not working, maybe you're cooking your dinner or out walking the dog
  • not worry about what messages to send and sending them to the wrong people and pissing them off
  • stop wasting countless hours scrolling through social media, planning content and trying to think of new inventive ways to get sales

Then this challenge is likely for you.

But a stern reminder, to get the results you desire, that my other clients have seen, you do have to do the work. This is not a quick fix or get rich quick scheme, this is an online 5-day challenge that will teach you how businesses around the world can drive up to 30% of their entire revenue through email marketing. I'm not here to take your money, I want you to get results.

Please do not buy this if you do not intend to complete the actions.

Please note: to gain access to the private Instagram account you will need to DM the account with a screenshot of your order number.

Please also note: by purchasing a ticket for The Email Challenge you acknowledge that all content is copyrighted to Lorna Scully and cannot be copied or redistributed without permission.

13 reviews for The Email Challenge

  1. Liane (verified owner)

    I’m a serial sign-up-and-never-actually-do-the-work gal, but Lorna somehow broke the habit. I’ve dabbled in email marketing before as an in-house marketer, but have never got to grips with it for myself – now I feel like I have the foundations to really make it a powerful part of my own marketing strategy! The Instagram Lives were amazing. Lorna generously gave her time and really thought about the specifics of each person’s business and the questions they asked – like a little mini Power Hour every day! It was great to meet other business owners and get personalised advice on how to make email marketing work for me. Definitely recommend, thanks Lorna!

  2. Holly Read (verified owner)

    Lorna is amazing. Sometimes you just need someone who truly understands their job to give you a bit of guidance.

    I’m new to small business and I now have a great strategy for my email marketing… I would spend £25 on a takeaway and all im getting from that is bigger hips!!!

    You turn up and put the work in. She has a magic touch. You won’t ever regret it.

  3. Diana Bensted (verified owner)

    This challenge was brilliant!
    Lorna has a way of cutting through the rubbish and telling it how it is! I looked forward to what I would have to do (or schedule) in the mornings, and to the live at noon every day answering any and all of our questions. including catching up with a question that I posted late one day!
    Was it worth the money – absolutely – I have a clearer understanding of what I need to do in my emails, and how to make the most of my time managing them.

  4. Amy (verified owner)

    This course came at just the right time. I knew I needed to improve my mailing list and content but didn’t know where to start, and also didn’t have a massive budget to spend, I knew I could trust Lorna to give it to me in a clear way that I could follow and understand and although I haven’t yet put the things I learnt into practice, but I’m ready to go for when I send my next mailing ???? the only downside for me was that the live Q+A’s were always at lunchtime so I was unable to join live but I was still able to catch up ???? so much information shared for such a small cost, Thank You very much xx

  5. Lucy Price (verified owner)

    Would definitely recommend! The week was filled with really useful tips, broken down into really actionable steps. It wasn’t a one-size-fits-all, and Lorna was so helpful in how things might be applied for different businesses. It was great having the Live’s each day so that you could ask any questions. It’s definely made email marketing feel less overwhelming!

  6. Kitti Golya

    This challenge was an absolutely eye opener! I had a monthly newsletter on my to do list and I always found it as a chore… spending too much to come up with what to write etc. I never thought that the content I need is right in front of me! Huge thank you for all your wisdom and suggestions Lorna! I can’t wait to actually stuck in and make some valuable changes to the business!

  7. Alice Spencer

    The Email Challenge has been totally amazing. Lorna shares a huge amount of knowledge with you over the week and is super helpful and supportive. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the idea of email marketing, then I would highly recommend The Email Challenge. Each prompt challenges you to think about your email marketing in a new way and you leave the challenge with so many incredible ideas. I’ve no doubt that the revenue from our emails will increase after taking part in The Email Challenge. Thanks so much Lorna!

  8. Laura Baillie (verified owner)

    Lorna is a guiding light through the depths of email marketing! “The Email Challenge” has give me inspiration, actions to take and answered all the questions I had in my head about how to get started, what to send and when. I now know how to create and deliver ‘non salesy’ emails to my audience. I’m really look forward to working with Lorna again, very soon.

  9. Emma Gasking (verified owner)

    This was a brilliant week. I went from knowing precious little about email marketing to having a clear plan of what to send when and why. Lorna was also on hand to answer my many many questions throughout the week which was very useful. Such good value for money, I would highly recommend this email challenge.

  10. Michelle Gately (verified owner)

    Lorna is SUCH a knowledgeable marketer and she gives SO much to this challenge, taking the time to give personalised advice and responses to everyone in her lives. The email prompts alone were worth the sign-up investment, the lives on top of that? Amazing value. Highly recommended for every small business owner who wants to learn email marketing – and actually implement the strategies! Lorna cut through all the crap and give us the motivation we needed.

  11. Hayley Maull (verified owner)

    I had been feeling a little lost on how to approach my email marketing so when I heard on Lorna’s podcast about the week-long email challenge I knew I was going to be getting value and learning alot in this time!!
    The week was great, it was broken into manageable pieces (as we are all busy people) and I now have an amazing master plan of how to tackle my emails with lots of ideas to send out, I am sure have nearly a year’s worth of content already. Lorna has given me back the confidence that I am sending out content to my customers that they actually want to hear about ! I am now excited to be sending out my weekly emails!!

  12. Aimee – Blossom Sensory Bags (verified owner)

    Lorna is fab!

    The email challenge opened my eyes to simplifying my emails majorly!
    Bundled in with lives every day which I could catch up on in the evenings it was just perfect for me.
    Lorna was straight to the point, each email prompt she covered was useful & I have already implemented a variety of points we covered!
    Best £25 I’ve invested in for months!

  13. Dominique (verified owner)

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all things email marketing, Lorna is your gal to help you sift through the funk and actually take action to get things moving!

    I absolutely love Lorna’s straight-to-the-point, no BS attitude. She helps you to focus on the parts of email marketing that ACTUALLY matter, and that doesn’t make it feel like a chore. I’d highly recommend the Email Challenge if you need a little boost of inspiration and implementation. Lorna has a wealth of knowledge to share if you’re willing to put the work in.

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