Measure Your Metrics – Reporting Template For Small Businesses


“What gets measured, get’s managed.” Stop making it up. Start reporting, once a month. no more than 30 minutes per month to give you a birdseye view to see where you’re spending your time marketing, what’s a good use of your time and what isn’t.


Brutal honesty, as a small business owner, are you winging your way through your business?

If you were to review where you were spending your time, what impact that has on how much money you make within your business (because let's face it, you're in business - you don't have a hobby!) how much of a difference would it make? How much more money would you make? How many more customers would you serve? How much more freedom would it give you?

I'm willing to bet that it'd be pretty dramatic. Because right now, you're spending time here, there and everywhere. You spend waaaay too many hours on Instagram, or at least thinking or creating content for social media. You get caught up in vanity metrics and forget that some months you barely cover the rent/mortgage.

But how much of that time is actually driving sales into your business? Could you be posting more? Emailing more? Doing more marketing? Would that have a direct impact on how much revenue is driven into your business?

That's okay, but now is the time to get your shit in order. Because you can't change something if you don't know where you're starting from.

This year-to-date reporting template helps you input your numbers from a range of different sources including your Google Analytics account, your ESP (email service provider) and your social media channels, once per month to get a much more constructive picture as to what's working and what isn't.

With this purchase, you will get access to both an Excel spreadsheet (download on purchase) AND a link to a Google Sheet (PLEASE read the instructions after purchase) to use as you wish. There are two tabs within the document; the first includes how to use the document including what each metric means AND how to interpret the data to use it to benefit your business. PLUS a full sheet that shows January - December for each metric. I would highly recommend once you have purchased & downloaded, inputting all previous data back to January to get a true representation of where you're currently at.

Please note: this report template is not complete. You will need to import your own data, I will not do this for you. There will be elements that are important / part of your marketing strategy, and there will be channels / elements that are not relevant to you business.


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