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Repurposing content can save you time, energy and just generally stress. How? Because we don’t need to be reinventing the wheel when it comes to shouting about how amazing your business, products & services are.

Is this the excuse you’re using?

I don’t know what to send them/post

There is no doubt in my mind that you’re already ‘creating content’.

Whether that’s in the form of;
✨Instagram posts
✨images for your website
✨email campaigns
✨posts on Facebook
✨you’re asking questions in Facebook groups

Whatever it looks like to you, you’re probably creating content. Right?

So what’s stopping you from repurposing that same content for a different platform or channel?

Think about it.

Now the only caveat I have to mention is, I’d be rubbish at my job if I didn’t tell you to alter the content for the channel or platform you’re reusing it on…

Aka. The layout of your email probably won’t be the same as an Instagram caption etc.

Something you’d post on Instagram (with an image & caption) you will need to alter for a text based platform like LinkedIn or Twitter.


This is one of the most common excuses I hear. Because sorry, not sorry – it is an excuse.

And I know why, you’re scared. And that’s okay. I get it.

But it’s so important to not just build a business on Instagram. You’ve definitely seen account being closed.

“But people have already seen it!”

Honestly, if you think all your followers/subscribers/[insert community name here] see all of your content, we probably need to have a bit of a chat.

It just never happens.

And we have such short attention spans now with how much content we consume, that once we’ve seen your post, we’ve probably forgotten about it (unless it’s banging of course!) within about 15 seconds. 

You need to be more comfortable with repeating your message.

Over and over and over and over and over and over again.

This is exactly what I do with my content. 

Am I the best at it? Probably not.

Do I keep on top of it? Nope. But I’m getting better at it. 

And that’s where we all start. 

This post was an email to my subscribers a few weeks ago.

What’s stopping you? ????

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