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Does this sound like you?

“I don’t know what to send them!”

“I just don’t want to email them too often because I’m afraid I might upset them and they’ll unsubscribe”

Or maybe this…

“I’ve already posted on Instagram, do I really need to send out an email too?”


If you even remotely relate to any of those, then this is your Monday Morning reminder to email your subscribers this week!

Not sure what to say? Here’s a couple of examples of things you could send them:

???? Your last date to order for Christmas delivery

???? Show off a collection of your products linking to each for people to be able to buy

???? Put one of your best sellers, or a product you have lots of stock of or will be out of season soon in a spotlight email. Talk about every element of the product, the features, benefits, how it’s made, who needs it, who it’s perfect for. EVERYTHING!


Also, just to touch on it, you cannot, CAN NOT, upset people that have actively subscribed to receive your emails.

They ASKED for you to email them.

If email marketing is one of the areas you’re not sure about and you want to learn how to use it more effectively to drive more sales, check out the 4 week programme, The Ecommerce Accelerator through the link in my bio ✌????

Email Marketing Reminder For Small Businesses

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