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£53,376 in Revenue From Email Marketing in 4 months ????

Whilst everyone is on the wind down for Christmas (although I know, a very different one this year)

It’s common to start reflecting, pulling reports together and looking at what went well and not so well in the last 12 months.

My client, Helen completed her reporting at the beginning of December to understand the return on her investment with me.

6 months ago she was barely emailing her email subscribers once a month.

What did she do to bring £53,376 in revenue from email marketing?

1. Actually sent emails to her list
2. Set up some automations
3. Created a consistent content & schedule that worked for her
4. Segmented & personalised her emails so it was more relevant to the person reading it!
5. Tested everything.

Seem pretty simply doesn’t it? That’s because, it is.

The first bullet point is the biggest hurdle. I hear, on a daily basis things like;

“I don’t want to piss people off and be seen as spammy”


“I don’t have anything to say”


“I don’t want to be too salesy”


“I don’t have the time to write emails as well as everything else”

And this stops people from actually doing the thing. I get it!

But, hard truth coming up (sorry not sorry!)… it’s just an excuse.

All of these things can be solved. Overcome. Worked out. You’re just scared. And that is absolutely fine, and totally normal.

We’re all scared or a little rattled by the unknown. I can help.

And do you know the best part for me through the story with Helen?

Obviously she’s thrilled with the money side of things, and that makes me happy, but she sent me a message last week saying she now actually looks forward to writing her emails.



As much as I have been reflecting on my 2020, most of the biggest wins for me are the wins my clients have. ????

If you’re looking for my help in 2021, please don’t hesitate to get in touch either through my website or DMs. The ways I will be working will be changing slightly, so if you’ve been considering it, now is the time. ????

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