Want to make more money, drive more sales and have a more profitable business –  Without spending hours on social media?

Email marketing is not dead. And if you’re not using it to build trust with your audience and sell more products & services, you’re doing not only yourself, but your subscribers a disservice.

Email Marketing content ideas for small businesses
You can make money from email marketing...

Do you struggle to stay consistent with sending regular email campaigns? You don't know what to send or if it's working?

Email marketing has a higher ROI than social media marketing. Instagram and Facebook might give you likes and followers, but you're ready to make some sales right?

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The average roi for email marketing is £35.41 for every £1 spent!

Email Marketing Content Prompts For Small Business Owners FREE Ebook Download - Lorna Scully

What do I get?

I asked my audience what they needed to start taking email marketing more seriously in their business?

The answers ranged from a short course to simple content prompts of what they should be sending their subscribers.

So, here it is. I’ve put together at least 31 prompts of emails you can start sending your email subscribers today. PLUS, a heap of other tips and tricks to consider too. 

I get it, email marketing can seem like that overwhelming, unattainable channel that you’re just not sure if it’s worth it.

For product-based businesses, it can drive up to 1/3rd of some businesses entire revenue. And I know, it’s not half as sexy as social media and that instant gratification but let me ask you this – would you rather have more followers or more money in the bank?

I know which one I’d rather. And that’s why I’m here to help you on this weird and wonderful journey to understanding email marketing.

Are you ready to make more sales, build a better community and own your channel?