Digital Marketing Mentoring

I help ecommerce business owners just like you gain clarity about simple & easy online marketing strategies that will actually grow your business.

Are you ready to get clear on where your business is going and the exact steps it will take to get you there? 

Why work with a digital marketing mentor?

Everywhere you look there’s someone telling you to grow your email subscribers, pin this, tweet that, post this on Instagram. And frankly, you just do not have the time. I get it.

But enough of that. You may have dabbled in a bit of social media, maybe you’ve read some blog posts about SEO, made a website, pinned a few bits here and there, but nothing seems to be working, right?

That’s because there’s not a  ‘one size fits all‘ strategy or plan that works for everyone. Your business is unique, so your approach to marketing it should be too.

That’s where I can help you.

Your time is already limited, so why not take the guesswork out of how to promote your business online, in ways that actually work and bring you the results that you desire. Whether that’s building brand awareness, getting more online sales or simply creating a business that makes you excited to get to work each day.

You don’t have to do it alone. Let’s face it, it’ll take you longer to reach your goals if you try to. 

Are you ready to make a change?

What we can work on

  • Learning how to appeal to & attract your ideal customers every single day.
  • Understanding which marketing channels work for your business and how to utilise them.
  • Clarity on your business goals & a practical plan of action using digital marketing tactics that will help you achieve them.
  • Getting rid of any overwhelming work that you’re currently doing that is not bringing you joy or sales.
  • Practical action steps including putting processes in place to ensure you’re marketing your business in an efficient way that feels good to you.
  • The nitty gritty of how to create content that is authentic to you that drives real impact on your business.

Sound like you?

This is for you if you…

→ Feel like you’re constantly doing the work but not seeing any results.

→ Feel like you have no time, but actually you could be spending all your precious time in the wrong places.

→ Need some digital marketing expertise and insight on what to focus on first.

→ Have downloaded a ton of free guides, strategy templates, printables and attended all the free webinars, but none of them seem to be working for you.

Lack strong clarity and direction about how to grow your business online.

→ Need someone to keep you accountable so you get the work done and start getting some real results.

What’s Included

✔️ Detailed questionnaire to get us started allowing us to deep dive on your current struggles & challenges, and giving me an insight in to your business.

✔️ A starting document outlining your current digital marketing footprint, where you’re spending your resources right now and an overview from an outsiders perspective.

✔️ Bi-weekly 1 hour calls held on Zoom for recording purposes, that are completely tailored to you and your goals. We’ll work through your current stumbling blocks, making sure we get the most from the hour. You will leave with a clear picture of tasks to be completed before the next call.

✔️ Unlimited feedback and support through a designated project management board including session notes, session recordings, and your task list to keep you accountable. Plus, any resources that may help you continue to push your business forward.

✔️ Unlimited email and WhatsApp support throughout, giving you that helping hand when you just need that cheerleader in your corner, or to bounce any ideas off.

✔️ 1 months email support following our mentoring sessions.

The Investment

3 Months



Please note: interest free payment plans are available.


Get in touch today to reserve your spot for the next intake.

Let’s Chat!

If this feels right for you and you’re ready to take the leap in to mentoring, then YAY!

Unfortunately, as much as I’d like to think I’m a magician, I can’t help everyone. So it’s really important that we’re both ‘on the same page’ and actually like each other. So what comes next is a free, no obligation 20 minute chat for me to get a better understanding of you and your business, and for you to decide if you like me as a human and my approach.

Simply select a time & date that works for you and let’s chat!

How long have you been running your business?
Mentoring starts as an investment of £300 per month, is that an investment you're ready to make right now?


"Lorna is a font of knowledge when it comes to all things digital. My fledgling business would be nowhere without Lorna and her vast experience. It’s important to say that I am an absolute novice at all of this, and Lorna has made it easy for me to understand what I need to do and when. No question was too big or too daft - she has never made me feel inadequate or stupid. This lady rocks.

Emma Burgess, Craft Ecommerce

"All I can say is WOW!! It was by far much more than I expected. I anticipated a word document with some advice on what I am doing right and what I can do to improve. But the document I have received is just beyond that. You really have taken your time to go through the finer details of my social media and have then given me some amazing suggestions to get started on. I literally can’t thank you enough!!"

Hayley Tyler, Hair & Beauty

"Lorna is the best!!! She is professional, knowledgeable and on the ball. Lorna seemed to understand my business totally after her thorough research and knew how to convey her knowledge to me in a way I found understandable and at a pace I could keep up with. I felt fully supported in what I am trying to achieve within my business and I was left positively buzzing to crack on with my plans. I can’t recommend Lorna enough! Thank you x"

– Kirsty Robson, Pet Portrait Artist


How Do I Know If Digital Marketing Mentoring Is For Me?

If you’re feeling a bit lost in what to do next, what to post on social media, how to get more sales on your ecommerce website, then that’s a sign that this style of mentoring could be for you.

I can help you gain clarity not only on your business goals but we will get super clear on what channels & tactics you’re currently focusing on and flip your mindset to what you should be focusing on that will actually bring you the results.

I will always have a no-obligation, courtesy call before any contract is signed to ensure that;

a) digital marketing mentoring is what you need right now (I’ve probably turned away more clients than I have worked with)

b) that I’m the right fit for your business

Fancy having a chat? use the calendar to book and a time and date that works for you to have a call!

How Do I Know It's The Right Investment?

It can be 100% bloody scary investing in something like mentoring. I know, I’ve been there done it. In fact I still do. Continuously. Because what kind of a mentor would I be, asking you to invest in me, if I was not prepared to invest in myself.

 I would never ask you to invest your money if you were not 100% sure about it. An investment should always provide you with a return on your investment. I can guarantee that you will see the return on your investment working with me. 

Look, you’re reading this because I’ve piqued your interest, you have a challenge with your business as it is right now and I’m absolutely sure I can help you push past it and grow your business.

To put your worries at ease, why not book a call and let’s have a 20 minute chat to see if I can help you. I do this because I absolutely cannot help everyone. I know what I’m good at and where I can help businesses, and that’s all I want to do. So if I can’t help you with your current situation, I will 100% tell you and point you in the direction of someone who I think might be able to.

What Happens Once Mentoring Is Over?

I’m not about to help you and then dump you and leave you to go at it alone!

Once you invest your time and money in to my services I’ll forever be your online, digital marketing cheerleader! You’ll have 1 months email support where you can email any general questions and that niggling question you forgot to ask (we all do it!)

But let’s face it, we’re going to have a pretty tight relationship by the end of our mentoring time together. I’ll always be a DM away for any moral support and an avid watcher of your online presence as I watch you take over the world with your amazing business!