Founded in 2019 by freelancer Jess Berry, The Co-working Club is a supportive community for female business owners, freelances and remote workers. Which, let’s face it, with a global pandemic, we all kind of are right now!


I personally became a member of The Co-Working Club in August as I was starting to feel the effects of working solo, at home. Feeling lonely and like not many of my friends and family ‘got it’. And what a lovely community it is too!


Nottingham Based Coworking Space - The Co-working Club


A study by Epson EcoTank, which surveyed 1000 UK freelancers, found that 48% of freelancers admitted to finding working on their own ‘lonely’.


And this is what pushed Jess to start what is now an incredible community. Which, as you’ll hear throughout our conversation on the podcast episode, hasn’t technically gone to plan. What started as in-person meet-ups in Jess’ home town, Nottingham and she planned to make in to bigger and better in-person events, was quite literally flipped on it’s head in 2020.


In this episode I talk to the lovely @jessicaberry_uk, the founder and brains behind The Co-Working Club; A ‘supportive community for female business owners, freelancers and remote workers who want to work FOR themselves not BY themselves.’


In this episode I got to ask Jess, Founder of The Co-Working Club all of my questions including;

✨ Why she started The Co-Working Club, and how
✨ What has been her biggest challenges in ‘pivoting’ the business during the global pandemic
✨ What channels she’s found most useful when trying to reach a wider audience
✨ And what the future looks like for @thec0workingclub


I hope you enjoyed this episode of Digital Discussions: Unfiltered, the weekly podcast that shares marketing tips and tricks, PLUS stories of fabulous small businesses, just like Jess’.

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