PR for small businesses can seem super overwhelming, I get it! That’s why I invited the lovely Kelly Morel from Happy Communications on to share her knowledge! And My goodness does she have some!
It’s no secret about my feelings towards traditional marketing methods, including PR. However, I do understand the important of it. Especially when you can put it in a digital context. And after chatting to Kelly, she’s made it seem super simple. Even I could do it I think. For myself of course, not other businesses!

In this episode about PR for small businesses, we chatted about;

  • How to best prepare for any press coverage
  • What you should include in a press release
  • How to find the right journalists and how to get in front of them
If you’d love some help with your PR, then hands down I’d say have a chat with Kelly about her services. You can find her in all of these wonderful places:
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