Do you want to be creating captivating content for your social media channels?

Well look no further! We’ve got you.

Today I’m sharing my conversation with the wonderful Carmela Elizabeth. She’s the Founder of Belvedere Marketing (spelt like the Vodka but not based on it at all!) And she’s on a mission to take a full 360° view and create eye capturing content that will stop the endless scroll of followers for small businesses on social media.

With a passion for helping female-led, product businesses with their social content, especially Instagram, I knew I just had to get Carmela on the podcast. Carmela has an aura about her and her experience with creating captivating content for small businesses on social media, predominantly Instagram shines through.

During our conversation we chat about:

✨ Challenges she’s faced with starting a business during a pandemic

✨ Why she doesn’t want to be known as an agency

✨ Why having a face behind your brand is important

✨ Most common challenges she sees with clients

✨ Her advice when it comes to showing up on camera, Instagram stories etc.

✨ What ‘value’ means – especially to product based businesses

✨ Do small businesses have unrealistic sales goals?

✨ Top 3 tips to be aware of to help growing your business on Instagram

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Find Carmela: Website | Instagram

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