Business Lessons From Cat at Gatto. The web designer who went from burnt out to full booked & earning more than ever…

I’ve watched Cat’s journey over the last few years in absolute awe. So when I asked her to come and be a guest on the podcast what better title and subject than – Business Lessons From Cat at Gatto.

Cat Byrne is a branding and web designer who also dabbles in a bit of coaching. Having always had a passion for all things creative helps amazing creative business owners to push their brand and create beautiful and functional websites.

During this conversation we chat about:

✨ Looking back, did she always want to be a web designer

✨ The mistakes she’s learnt along the way

✨ What business looks like for her now (and her amazing new work/life balance)

✨ And some of the things that got her to where she is today

It was an absolute joy to chat to Cat and it’s been so lovely to watch her business grow to where she’s at now. I think we could all learn a thing or two from her.

Find Cat: Website | Instagram 

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