Building a personal brand takes a lot of effort, consistency and time. And yet it would be a fair arguement to say that in some waqy shape or form, we all have a personal brand.

We all have to sell ourselves in some way, shapre or form at some point. Whether it’s in an interview for a new job or to a potential love interest. We all have a personal brand which shows us, online, what we stand for, what we value.

Personal branding has been a terms that’s been used A LOT in the last couple of years and to me, this guy is THE Personal Branding Guy.

Meet Ash Jones, the Founder of Great Influence, the personal branding agency behind the UK’s Biggest CEOs & Founders including;

  • Steven Bartlett (Founder, Social Chain)
  • Oliver Cookson (My Protein),
  • Umar Kamani (Pretty Little Thing)
  • Dom McGregor (Founder, Social Chain)
  • Katy Leeson (MD, Social Chain)
  • Carrie Rose, (Rise At Seven)

I think you’ll agree with me – the guy knows a thing or two when it comes to building personal brands right – they’re some bloody incredible names!

In this very open and honest episode we chat about;

→ What actually IS personal branding

→ How Ash got in to it in the first place

→ And insight in to how it became a thing at Social Chain, and what lessons he learnt from that

→ The emotional journey that personal branding makes you take and how to ride the rollercoaster

→ He also shares two of the key things you need to if you’re thinking about starting your own personal branding journey

I hope you found this conversation useful, I know I did. If you did make sure you share it with your audience as you never know who it may help.

You can find Ash: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram

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