In this episode I chat to the lovely Ruth, the powerhouse behind the colour brand that is XOXO Designs By Ruth.

She creates a whole host of colourful creative pieces including greetings cards, prints, pins and patches – everything you could ever want really!

During our conversation we chatted about:

  • How she started the business
  • The transition from a ‘side hustle’ on top of a full-time retail job, to a full-time gig
  • What marketing channels she’s using to promote her business
  • Some of the challenges she’s faced in her 7 years of business
  • She even shares her opinion on Etsy vs. her own website

Ruth was an absolute JOY to chat to and I think you’ll really find some value in listening to this episode from someone who has been in business for 7 years!

You can find Ruth here: Website | Instagram

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