I’m thrilled to share my conversation with the fabulous Fiona Thomas. I’ve followed Fiona on Instagram for some time now and absolutely LOVE how to she shows up on Instagram, is relatable and I was first in line to buy her book Out Of Office when she released it, so I just had to invite her on to the podcast.

In this episode we cover;

  • The story of how she discovered she wanted to be a writer (and the career path she almost went on instead)
  • Her journey through employment and how it all, abruptly came to a halt
  • Facing challenges with confidence and overcoming external expectations set on us by society
  • How social media has helped her create a community and build real human connections
  • The impact of talking openly about mental health and how it’s made her relatable
  • What’s next for her…

You can find Fiona : Website | Instagram | Out Of Office Book

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