Being “too salesy” is such a hang-up for so many of us in the small business world. However, in this episode, we wanted to share the ways to get over the ICK of trying to sell yourself, your products, or your services.

We get that it can feel scary, but perhaps you may find there’s a lightbulb moment within this episode that you can take away and into this year and all the years to come.

In this episode, we share snippets such as:

→ Not getting caught up on the customer avatar stuff that you find online, but more delving into the psychographics of your potential customers.

→ how to become creative with diversifying your marketing

→ getting over the fact that you may piss some people off, but you may also not. Don’t be scared to repeat your message.


We’d love to get your take on the subject, so please do drop us a DM on Instagram to let us know your thoughts & feedback!

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